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It’s All About Relationships

It’s All About Relationships

It’s All About Relationships

“Communication, respect, and trust are the most important aspects of all relationships.”

The Innovation Team spent its first year in City Hall focused on equity in housing outcomes for residents of color. Housing equity was an obvious first area of focus, as Minneapolis demonstrates some of the most glaring disparities in housing-related outcomes when compared to other major cities in the nation. Specifically, people of color in Minneapolis are more likely to:

The Innovation Team set out to deeply understand the root causes of housing inequity in the City of Minneapolis and potential City levers for eliminating these disparities. We conducted over 60 interviews with a variety of stakeholders who touch this issue, including tenant advocacy organizations, property owners and City staff. An interesting theme emerged, which became our guiding theoretical frame – the relationship triangle. Simply put, the nature of the relationships that exist between the City and property owners, the City and tenants, property owners and tenants, and the interactional effect of these relationships, limit equitable outcomes for tenants of color.

We used this frame to guide our process, so that solutions didn’t focus solely on fixing challenges experienced in one corner of the triangle. We knew that impacting the interactions and relationships between all stakeholders was important to avoid creating further disparate outcomes for renters of color.




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