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Rental Housing


Landlord Education

With no City-sponsored educational initiatives to provide property owners with training on Minneapolis-specific housing code, the i-team identified a gap between regulatory expectation and educational opportunities to promote best practices, thus leading to poorer quality rental housing and strained relationships between tenants and landlords. To address this gap, the i-team partnered with Regulatory Services to develop a training, led by a lead Housing Inspector, which provides an overview of the City’s housing code, common violations, and the City’s tiered licensing system. This training is delivered side-by-side with a training on public safety expectations for rental housing at the monthly Rental Property Owners Workshop. The new workshop structure prepares Minneapolis property owners to provide safe, quality rental housing and promotes strategies and best practices for property owners to work together with their tenants to increase positive housing outcomes.

Tenant Education

Minneapolis Healthy Start provides intensive, in-home case management services to pregnant women and new mothers who are at risk for poor birth outcomes and infant mortality. Housing stability is a crucial component of child and family success and one of the essential needs of women enrolled in the Minneapolis Healthy Start program is stable housing. The City of Minneapolis Innovation Team partnered with the Minneapolis Healthy Start program to develop a training for Healthy Start case managers, so they can better support their clients in obtaining stable housing. The training focused on renter rights and responsibilities, financial literacy, and open and direct communication with landlords. Through the training, case managers are  provided with the tools to support deeper  knowledge and  behavior change in clients through a direct coaching and support model.

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