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Who we are

The Minneapolis Innovation Team was launched in 2015 – as a part of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Innovation Team’s Grant Program – with the idea that cities are uniquely positioned to innovate and transform citizens’ lives but face many barriers to creating new solutions to tough challenges. The i-team serves as an in-house consulting team focused on helping the City address complex and pressing challenges that impact the quality of life of residents. Based in City Hall, the i-team mobilizes departments to make operational changes and develop new solutions by taking ideas from development to implementation and evaluating their impact on equity in Minneapolis. 

Meet the Team


Despite Minneapolis’ reputation as one of the most progressive, thriving cities in the country, it has some of the worst racial disparities out of all major cities in America. In socio-economic indicators across the board – household income, poverty rates, educational attainment, home ownership, and health outcomes – there are significant and persistent gaps that exist between white residents and residents of color. The i-team’s mission is to reduce racial disparities by transforming how the City of Minneapolis operates.

Our Work

Our Process

Often governments drive the change they want to see, rather than focusing on meeting the actual needs of citizens. The i-team helps City leaders tackle big challenges using the Innovation Delivery approach developed by Bloomberg Philanthropies. This four step human-centered problem-solving approach enables the i-team to design solutions by collaborating with people most affected by issues, resulting in real impact on the problems facing residents of Minneapolis.

  • Quantitative data analysis
  • End-user interviews & focus groups
  • Researching current & past efforts
  • Identifying root causes of issues
  • Comparative research across cities
  • Ideation workshops
  • Crowd-sourcing ideas
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Prioritize & select solutions
  • Set metrics and targets
  • Develop work plans
  • Provide project management
  • Launch initiatives
  • Provide technical assitance
  • Evaluate impact
  • Support continuous improvement