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Rental Housing


311 is the City’s front door.  By calling 311, residents can report issues as varied as pothole repairs and barking dogs, to graffiti and snow emergency information.   Residents who are renters can also call 311 to report problems with the condition of their rental unit, for example, low heat, leaking water, or broken appliances.  This allows a City housing inspector to get involved to help resolve the issue.

From our research, we knew that renters, in particular renters of color, are less likely to know about or to have used 311 in the past.  We also knew that properties with the highest frequency of housing code violations are in low-income and minority neighborhoods.  While housing inspectors do conduct regular inspections as part of the rental licensing process, not all properties are inspected each year.

Calling 311 is a step that renters can take if the property owner or manager does not complete necessary repairs in a timely manner. To increase awareness of 311 as a resource that renters can use to help resolve housing quality issues, the  i-team convened a team of staff from 311, Communications, and Neighborhood and Community Relations. A set of communications materials were developed, outreach events were implemented, and Spanish, Somali, and Hmong messages were added to the 311 line to better connect residents who have a preferred language other than English.

To learn more about 311 or to report an issue, go to minneapolismn.gov/311 or call 311.

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